By Eric on 2007-01-14

Reading about the Independent Press Association – Indy Press demise. These folks were our distributors as well, and if you’re into GR magazine, then here’s where the magazine is at. Some of you have asked what effect it’s taken on us. Well… read these and get through it. You’ll read about what other publishers have been talking about. There’s great dialogue going on, and it’s heartbreaking at times, and infuriating in others. I’m guilty as the rest of the “robot lounge” and many others. While I laugh at the latest toy from Japan, or youtube video, the magazine distribution looms in hell. GR magazine will always be fine. We’ll publish it on newsprint for 1000 people if we have to. We’ll make it work, but when things like this happen, it’s just bad all around. Here’s some places to get acquainted with what’s been going on: (I do wish it took root in the GR lounge, but… no way that could happen, it’s too serious.) Any comments or questions are greatly appreciated.

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