By Eric on 2007-01-12

Almost forgot about this. I was scratching my head a little on this comment from a little while ago. What’s up with this?

Anonymous said…

Racist response
This was how I used to respond to racist anti-asian epithets. Most of these examples I thought up when I was 10 years old. Yes, I was born a master.

If it was Jew I would say: The whole world hates you. They all tried to kill you and they still want you to die. Now I see why.

If it was a Black person I would say: What do you mean this is your country you stupid fucking slave? Here are your choices Go make cheeseburgers at McDonalds or Go hate white people! Damn you are a stupid fucking monkey. They’re the ones that fucked you over.

If it was a hispanic person I would say: You are ghetto. You were born in McDonalds and you’re gonna die in McDonalds. You’re just a stupid nigger that speaks spanish.

If it was a white person: Depends. If I didn’t get into a fight or threatened raping their family with a machette war of words etc. etc. I usually would ignore it and look down on them as I took the high road. And besides you can only fight so much. Why? There are too many of them.

Might makes right.

Look at Rosie O’Donnell. It’s only now that Asians realize that the American dream is about consolidating power in a political group- a political identity. Look how I said Asian and not Asian American. No one says Jewish American. They say Jew. No one says Black American. They say black person. And so we are simply. Asian.

Here’s a joke for you: If asians were powerful enough to cause wars, like Mel Gibson pointed out and have power over the media, than no one would say racist things about Asians but maybe they would think it. Like some people hate jews but you can’t say those things in public. And the ones that don’t hate jews watch Seinfeld and Shindler’s List all that Jewish propaganda. We need to sell our image better like the Jews do. The Asian community needs propaganda and political power too.

We need to wake up and follow the Jewish model minority example or we will end up in camps one day. As far as Blacks are concerned we need to follow Jesse Jackson’s example and shake down companies for major cash money bling bling.

I am not a racist. It is a political game. What really annoys me is that people, especially Asians, don’t see this simple fact.

What can you do to those you can’t reason with? You use unreason.