By Eric on 2007-01-12

Softball’s over. We lost 25-1. The end of a season. It’s not always about winning, but sometimes, it’s really about how you play the game. Today our team looked like we weren’t there. People were out, sick, or whatever. The team looked different, we had a guest player, and people were in new places. We played the greatest team in our league (and to be fair they’d be the best in other leagues too) but it was ugly. Standing in the outfield and watching things go from fair to worse, then to failure is humbling. We could have done better, and we’ve done better. That said, I can safely say about their pitcher, who’s pretty decent. I own you. It’s not about personal stats, but I went 4-5 on Ed this season. I actually flew out in my first at bat. The swing was so easy, I put nothing into it thinking it was going to drop, but the ball was hard as a rock, and it flew pretty far into center. The next at bat, another hit. Yes, I own you.