By Eric on 2007-01-11

Community Council meeting
I went to this tonite. Interesting times. It’s like how you might think it is in a movie. People sitting (not a lot) and a council who does the talking and trying to be official. It’s a funny sight. Of course a woman is there interjecting comments a lot. Much of what the public says goes heard, but not acted upon. It’s sort of weird. A Trader Joe’s is coming to our area, that’s big news, and I learned about it there. Traffic is going to get messed up more on Olympic, and where the heck is Tijuana restaurant going to move to? I’m not a fan since they use LARD in everything, but they are quite popular. I’m excited about Trader Joe’s, hope it works out for the best. Meanwhile, I’ll eventually get into why I was there. But I might go back, it’s sort of fun.