By Eric on 2007-01-07

Sculpey night with no Sculpey pics. Is there? We ate at a thai place. I forgot the name… what was it called? Argh.

A familiar pose. Souther did this once before. He is freaked out on fish. Look at his eyes. Saelee is busy looking posed. Her hair looks totally made up for some reason.

I saw a face in the dessert. I swear it was there. There was a nose and two shiny dots on the left… I darked the spots.. No one saw this but me. I’m astounded. That’s black rice and taro and the white is coconut milk.

A keeper, but we left it.

That’s Caroline Hwang on ichat. That’s me taking a pic of the screen, look at her trying to escape! She came back soon after and fixed her hair.