By Eric on 2007-01-02

Last bit on the New Years Day

Things turn into gambling. This is when I make my exit. Card games can go late into the night. Everyone thinks they’re Johnny Chan. Sunglasses and visors start coming out. Jolly smiles turn into game faces. Isn’t it weird how the poker chips in the foreground look like sushi rolls? I suppose after eating, and watching a bowl game or two, what’s left? Scrabble isn’t really favored, and Asians dig gambling.

Family, that includes dogs. That’s Hanako, our old Shiba in the background right. She’s a nice dog, getting up there in age, but is a family pet. Even on holidays, the dogs act like it’s just a regular day but get more attention.

Mochi, baked, slightly crispy, yet gooey is the special snack later in the night. You see the regular packs of mochi at some markets but you have no idea what to do with them. Here’s something really simple. But it in your oven. High heat for a few minutes. They’ll start to bubble and deform, and when they’re soft all the way through you know they’re ready.

Two tastes, kinako on the top, it’s soybean powder and sugar. The bottom is soy sauce and sugar. I prefer the latter along with some seaweed.

Family member dog #2, that’s Musashi showing some leaps after he chases a ball over the fence. See the ball in his mouth?