By Eric on 2006-12-28

I find out through the grapevine that we and our neighbors are the only ones who didn’t give our UPS driver a christmas gift. What are the right protocals for this under these conditions?

1) I’m not Christian although I might give others some “christmas gifts” usually for my family and such.
2) Our driver isn’t that great. We once had a great driver who I’d give a “bonus” to at the end of the year. The one we have isn’t him.
3) Our ups driver made it a point to tell one of our employees about his lack of gift which makes it seem like he feels he’s entitled to it
4) he didn’t give one to us – yes, what do you think about that? He’s getting paid to do his job. We’re paying for him services, so… where’s our gift?
5) he can actually be a jerk at times and has been to our manager.

To his defense, he does his job. He delivers us the packages, and picks up the ones we have for him – which is becoming less and less as we start to move on to using more of the crappy government services. What’s the right thing?