By Eric on 2006-12-23

Dirty Hands, the movie about David Choe. That’s Harry Kim, the filmmaker and we were in his apartment to do one last interview before the film could be cut and done.

There’s a trailer at the site, you should check out. I guess it’s an honor being part of David’s life. From the first days we met to Comicon in 1997 or 8 and actually even before that at a Sunsets screening. Yes, Dave saw the film and talked to me then in SF. Being the last piece of the film I guess I was there to cover some things we might have missed from the earlier interviews. David’s had early exhibitions, illustrations, and friendships with me/us here at GR. I hope I don’t look too much like an idiot. The camera Harry is using is some newer Sony camera that’s tiny. It looks like a regular home video camera, but it’s not. It’s tiny too. 6 years in the making, and it’ll be done in 2007, hope we can be a part of that.