By Eric on 2006-12-21

This robot toy can’t be beat.
Three robot, the Trunk on the left, the Legger in the middle, and the Header on the right. On their own, they are powerful, heavy, and shoot missles. They don’t really look alike, but they are family. I don’t remember the show at all anymore. Surely there was one, but didn’t catch on here at all compared to Mazinger Z and Raideen.

In their styro and packaging that’s probably about 30 years old, each missile and part is in place. The robot have been played with, but they are intact.

The magic is that the Trunk, Legger, and Header all come apart to make one larger robot. IUt’s cool how the feet have the mariner like spears, and the arm has saws that come out. Of course the chest missle will blind you, and I forgot to put in the blades for the fists. They shoot out too. Can you believe that a set like this was made? I had this robot set as a kid, and it’s taken close to 8 years to reassemble the trio (I think I got the Trunk first about 8 years ago), and maybe 15 years since I thought about trying to get them all with each coming from different places. I’ve told myself that I’d stop buying robots like these once this set was done. Will I stay true to my word? I haven’t bought a robot in years, until Header, so perhaps I will.