By Eric on 2006-12-21

Walking in a different direction after my day, maybe to walk off some dinner, I found myself going towards Santa Monica Blvd. It’s a neat area that doesn’t really have a name, but has restaurants, and a cool video store. It also happens to be the night before Shari passed away. I can keep blogging about it, and she’s not coming back anytime soon. I figure instead of moping, I’m going to try and talk just a little about what she saw around her immediate neighborhood.

Walking towards the video store where we both rented videos, Shari and I walked by this center. It’s like a corner mini mall that’s attached to a crummy market (Safeway). This center has a Hallmark store, bakery, laundromat, and some weird stores. I don’t know what the heck these are… But see right about the roof of the car? That store has all kinds of crap. It’s like a mixed up store selling clothes and junk.

The shoe store is open pretty late. I have no idea what’s really there, but this center is sort of catering to Mexican nationals who live in the area. I’m glad they have sort of a place to be together, since I’m not sure if they’re even cared for in the least by others.

Good food, I’m sure. It’s awesome how something like this can just pop up on Barry avenue near Santa Monica blvd. It’s there every night, and when I’m hungry, I’m going to eat there. It’s smells great.

I’m not sure if this is necessary, but I can’t help but walk by once in a while, this is the area where Shari’s life was taken from all of us.

Although it’s been a year, not one hint of her is here. Maybe it’s for the best, she shouldn’t be remembered here at all, she should be remembered doing the things she liked-crafting! Making Helvetica hoods, buttons, and other cool things.

Here’s her hoodies. The blue and yellow one on the left is mine.

This is Video Store Named Desire. We’d rent movies here (and it’s one of the best video stores ever). If you look closely in the window, that’s Mike in the white t shirt. He’s a bit camera shy. Shari and I would have conversations about Mike, and I remember how Shari once thought Mike and one of his employees were father and son! I thought it was impossible, and tonite, I asked Mike once and for all, if they were even related. No. But the kid used to call Mike, “Big Daddy,” so Shari probably heard him say that. Mike and I got a small kick out of that tonite. I’m glad I shared even just a little bit of her memory with someone who knew her.

By the time I wake up and get my day going, it’ll be more than one year. I hope there’s a group of us thinking about her at any given time throughout the rest of our lives. If you didn’t know her, that’s a shame, and I’m sure you’ve lost someone special who we should have all met.