By Eric on 2006-12-19

Here’s an excerpt of an email about Uglycon. Of course, I’m keeping this positive, since there was some collector backlash involved as well. I may add more to this later. Maybe not… not sure yet. But here it goes.

I am Griffin’s mom- remember the Secret Mission Babo nutty eight year old?

I wanted to comment on the event, that has now become a memory burned into our cerebral banks- I am sure he and I will talk about it for years to come.

We found out about the event on the Ugly Dolls website, when I was looking to adopt some more dolls for Griffin for Christmas. It has been a love at first sight for Griffin when my sister bought him Jeero when he was in kindergarten.

I had no idea that the dolls had such a cult following; we came because we thought it would be fun, Griffy wanted to be in the costume contest and he really wanted to meet David and Sun Min. He knows all the stories of each doll; he considers them his buddies, he reads to them, we take them in the car and sleep with the entire family, which has grown to 15 after UglyCon. He loves Big Toe, which you all awarded to him at the contest- he was thrilled!

That night he kept thanking me for bringing him and telling me it was the best night of his life, which warmed this mom’s heart and made the journey from the OC well worth it.

Griffin loved hamming it up in the parking lot and goofing with Ox and Wedgehead, as you will see in the pictures…

All of these pics are courtesy of Griff’s mom. I like how the Ox on the left has a Muppets like mouth. I think that’s where the person looks out of!

Griff got 2nd place in the costume contest. It’s not the size of the costume, it’s the personality of the character. Griff passed out cookies like Babo.

Martin got one too!

Griff is a tiny dude!

Anyone who reads GR is a friend of mine. Look at Griff’s T!

Whoa, that’s Big Toe. That’s what Griff got for 2nd place. I wish Uglydoll was around when I was little. They would have my friends then like they are now. I hope Griff never outgrows Uglydolls.

-lastly, thanks to Griff’s mom. Imagine if she was too tired or too busy to make it down to Sawtelle? Taking a short trip and checking out something new can have it’s high points. Coming to Uglycon II in SF next year?