By Eric on 2006-12-18

GR holiday – no holds barred. Some of these blog posts recently are sort of family album type stuff, hope you don’t mind them. Holidays are family time, maybe some of these will remind you of some of yours. This was all at gr/eats.

Wendy and Martin started the food fest. That dish with the pineapples is vegan enchiladas!

What are you lookin’ at, Pryor?

Beer swiggin in the kitchen. That’s organizer Keenan in the background. gr/eats has a grade A.

Keenan made this trailer man, shepard’s pie. Burger, bacon, eggs, fries, chili? cheese… this might lower things a grade.

Weird. Now, lower it one more grade. We’re now at a C.

A sample of the fare. Raise it back up a grade. B.

Michelle is wearing the Goner records sweatshirt. Know about them? It’s a Memphis label who put out the first Guitar Wolf albums in America. Legendary. Still a B.

David took home pounds of ham. That’s how they do it in China.
Thanks Keenan and Mike for washing the dishes and taking care of everything. Back to the A.