By Eric on 2006-12-03

Kehinde Wiley had a couple of pieces at Roberts and Tilton, and he’s the same dude who rocked the billboard above Undefeated on La Brea.

Ai Yamaguchi art

Whoa dog!

Amber from 4×4 and Aaron Rose (he curates the billboard project)



Whoa, time warp. That’s Tony Pierson on the right. That’s his wife, and I suck for not remembering her name. Tony is a friend of mine from high school! I seldom meet high school friends and it’s great to see Tony (on a side note some of Roberts and Tilton’s staff went to my high school as well. But they were class of ’02. It’s fun talking about it since I don’t very often.) he’s a great guy and played in bands, and does photo among many talents. It’s nice to see him and his wife.