By Eric on 2006-12-01

Skulpy Kidz meeting
We decided who were today. It was a great day for clay.

I’m the King.

He’s the Emperor

She’s the Dictator.

Anyone else who joins begins at a serf level. You might be able to graduate to jester level where we’ll throw you tiny pieces of clay, and with those you have to make something that makes us laugh. (this was the emperor’s idea). For relaxing times, make it skulpy kids time.

Part of SxK time, is getting to see Eagle Rock and the surrounding areas. If there’s time to get coffee, or food, I try and check something out. Last night it was Blue Hen. I didn’t eat in, so I didn’t take a photo of the eats. But click on the link, and you can read the Iron Chef of food writers, Jonathan Gold’s review.

I ordered the curry. It’s definitely a different type of curry, vegetables, maybe more towards indian but with much more grit, and thickness-but not as thick as Japanese style curry. It’s more like how Japanese make Indian style curry as seen at roach in the food Blue Marlin on Sawtelle. I got the chicken, which was great. I chose brown rice, and it came with a tiny side of baby bok choy. This place advertises that they use organic ingredients and that’s special. I wish them luck.