By Eric on 2006-11-25

Sculpy Kids 3 – Return of the Clay

At their studio in Eagle Rock, CA, the latest hipster portion of LA, it was the third installment of SK. We start with Dinner which was at a sushi place called Mia. Not like the musician, this is a fusion arty sushi place. Rolls that have crazy names are all over the menu. Weird sauces, outdoor seating, this isn’t a regular sushi joint. It’s alright (right?) and medium pricey.

Souther meditates to the caterpillar roll.
Saelee’s turtle and nest definite takes a prize. look at the teeth! The shell has a gradation that you’ll see in better light.

Effortless! A few pinches of clay and voila! Souther magic.

Effort filled pain. This was a tough one, but it’s done.

MIA. If you find hercall the digits.