By Eric on 2006-11-23

Night before Thanksgiving. Sculpy time. First dinner at Fatties. I had the vegan version of the Sloppy Joe. No I was too hungry to shoot it, but it’s a good dish. I hear it keeps changing a bit.

Ms Saelee Oh is listening for her our waitress to come.
That sweater is inside out, but you can’t tell. Saelee ended up eating an 8″ pizza that didn’t have dairy, but it had carrot on the dough that was sort of like tomato sauce, a lot of veggies that were mixed and chopped fine, but the kicker, brussel sprouts sliced thin.

Flowers. Holding flowers make people trip out. Standing in front of the Trader Joe’s in Eagle Rock, people would smile, wave, and would even act like I was giving them to them. Flower do weird things to people.

For relaxing times, make it Sculpy Time…

sculpy kids till 5am.