By Eric on 2006-11-18

Sawtelle People
If you’re out on Sawtelle Blvd, here’s some people you’ll see. This is in front of Safe and Save Market, the hub of the area – in my opinion.

Christian. From what I can tell, he’s the tough one. Wait both of these kids are tough… He’s younger. I think! The brothers are a year apart, and I guess I can only be 50% right. Is he racking that bottle of Gatorade?

Jalen? Almost a sci-fi ish name, maybe something like Planet of the Apes Galen… but then again, think about Jalen Rose – one of the Fab 5. I should ask about where that name came from. If it’s Jalen Rose, then shit… This kid has to be tough. After looking at the pics, I dunno which is which anymore. But what ever he has in the bag must be good. See them on their bikes cruising around.

That’s Dee. Mommy dearest. She’s usually camera shy, but I caught her. She works at Mizu 212 (the high priced shabu shabu joint) sometimes, and the steam from the pots is probably good for the complexion. The oils might not be, but that’s part of the restaurant game. Big tips, stinky clothing.