By Eric on 2006-11-06

Your yard – Part 2.

This tree for some reason, has flies buzzing around 24-7. I walk the streets and this spot must have an invisible piece of shit floating in the air. When I walk through I make sure my mouth is closed. I can see one of these flies going down my throat. 10 if you’re a frog.

You want to live in the Southwest? Walk around with a tribal G string? Want a house that looks like should be built within a mountain? I personally couldn’t live in this type of house. It’s just too weird. This person needs indian statue dudes holding bows and arrows hiding in the bushes. This peachy colored thing even has wood beams protruding from it. If you want southwest that bad, move there. I’d be embarassed to live here. A solid 8 if you’re a Southwest fan, otherwise, it’s a 1.

This is interesting. Big driveway with no yard. Instead of putting trash cans in these spots, this person made two mini zen type of Japanese yards. I don’t have much bad to say about this yard, it’s just making due with what you have. If I were a squirrel or a cat, this is my hide and go see spot to look up ladies skirts. An 8 for the effort in such a ridiculous space.

This is Fred Flinstone’s club. Why it just sits in this yard, I have no idea. The dude who lives here is a big guy and maybe he leaves for work and grabs this, and then drops it off when he comes home. His lawn needs some work. Tiny props for the tree shapes, but overall, this yard is a 4.

This is one Barry Ave, and there’s leaves tons of it. If you’re going to have a tree that spits this shit out, you gotta clean it up. This a sidewalk believe it or not. The leaves are so old and trampled, the spot’s a mess. A 2 for the litter.