By Eric on 2006-10-31

Hedges, and more neighborhood observations

Ok, this is out of control. I saw this while walking down the street. I wonder how connected these two trees are. The branches much go across the top, intertwining with each other, but I wonder how far they go? To the bottom of the other side? Who thought of this thing and who maintains it? I’d rate this a 9. It’s brave and ridiculous.

I have no idea what the point of this lame bush can do for a yard. Inches tall, but super wide and deep, it’s like a front yard muff. I rate this a 6. It’s actually pretty huge, but it’s cowardly and does nothing. Is this decor?

If you can’t afford rocks, grow some! This house has boulders of bushes all around. The path cuts through what looks like a fat meat loaf. If you play hide and go seek, or paint ball, this would be the best terrain for the game. An 8. You have to be brave to grow and maintain these, or else you have to aiming for a war, these are like “gook” bunkers.

Who is Andy Gump? The metal sign is great. I wonder if there’s a t-shirt. If so, I want one. What font is this anyway?

Is this graffiti? Or is it a social commentary? What was once a $3000 TV, is now a billboard for taggers. Very nice green and nice block lettering.

This must be 7 feet tall, and at the top is a weed. Why does the city make these perfect for weeds? Shouldn’t they just plug the bottom? Why does the pole need to be holey at the bottom? Signs for mini-Me?