By Eric on 2006-10-27

19-18. (oops it was 20-19. We played the other Asian team who won first place last season. They’re a bunch of lawyer/athletes and from top down, they might be faster and for a lack of good words, more athletic. We played tough and went ahead in the early innings. We took advantage of a ton of walks by the opposing pitcher, and played some tough defense. As soon as I stepped into the game, the other team started hitting, and our team made error after error. They went ahead. Another inning, and again, they piled on more runs. They were up by 7. We were down 18-11… and the other team was looking strong. We were stunned. Gloves were being thrown. I came up to bat, and poof, I drew my third walk of the game. Their pitcher was falling apart again, and with a few hits, more walks, we got within a run. 18-19. With two on, and Hap batting, I figured he’d take a walk, but instead, he hit a clean basehit.

In their haste to try and preserve the lead, they never gripped the ball right, and it was bobble city. The winning run scored, and the game was over. Even though we were ahead, then were getting our ass kicked, we played through our bad times, and kept playing through the small good times, one base runner at a time. It was actually amazing. Sometimes, you can play super ugly and still preservere. Winning isn’t always pretty. With this self indulgent blog, what do you get out of it? I don’t know, maybe nothing.