By Eric on 2006-10-19

Desperate Sculpy Times! It’s Fabian’s 21st birthday, you probably don’t know him, but he’s this dude who comes by our shop maybe four times a week. I think he’s bought something once, but enjoys hanging out with everyone. He likes anime, Japanese anything, Asian girls, Duck Tales, Ninja Turtles, talking about anything, drawing pictures, Back to the Future… He doesn’t like bad words, saying bad things about anything, sweets since he has braces, changing his hoody, walking without a backpack on, and uncomfortable silence. So here’s a cake, I just finished making for him. It’s the pivotal scene where Marty needs to get back to 1985. The Flux Capacitor works!

Lightning strikes at 10:04pm! Doc hangs from the clock and conducts the electricity. He was wearing a grey overcoat with black gloves and a white patterned shirt.

Through the “wire,” the “DeLorean” speeds up and fire blows out of the wheels.

Home to 1985! Cue in the Huey Lewis music, and you know what? I’ll add a big fuck you to Biff too. He can wash my car when he’s done with everyone else’s.

That’s Fabian. He wears that Hoody everyday. But where’s his backpack?! What’s in that backpack? One day we’ll find out. Btw, like my Kaws shirt?