By Eric on 2006-10-06

Giant Robot at the Walker, this is our view.

Check out Joe from the message boards… He posted a journal entry on the night.

Ok so I should update folks on how the night went. We did the radio interviews, got to the Walker, met the kids who are part of the Teen program there, ate some food, met the band members from Birthday Suits, then sat backstage. It wasn’t too interesting, but it was a rockstar minute. We should have broke something, made a mess, had groupies, anything… but in the end, we just sat there and waited for the clock to tick down.

I don’t know how many people came, but it was a decent amount. We did our talk, fielded questions and answers, and then hung out with folks who wanted to say hello. I think the best part is when the kids come up and compliment us on what we’ve done, and how they feel good about what they may be able to do, since we were able to make things happen. We got a lot of that, and I hope we inspired some kids to fuck shit up. For the non kids, I hope they got something out of it too. I’m sure some came just to hear our story, how we did/do things etc, and maybe some just came because of the name, Giant Robot.

Thanks for Christi and Witt from the Walker for the hospitality. They make Minneapolis a cool place.