By Eric on 2006-10-06

I posted pics of the Evan Hecox and Deanne Cheuk gear from Target in the past, but then while thrifting today, this stuff was seen at Salvation Army in Minneapolis. Evidently, this SA gets gear from Target and sells it somehow. Target is based here, so maybe they have an agreement of some sort.

Deanne Cheuk at the Salvation Army. But a $5 price tag! I think it might have been $2 retail!

Hecox board. I think you can put pushpins in this one. If not, it’s just a panel of art.

The weird rubber band message board thing. I never understood this item, so here it is, next to more junk.

Evan Hecox clock. I think this one had a $15 price tag on it.

One on One bike shop has a cafe in it. They know bikes, and the bikes aren’t cheap.

This is Gene, he runs this joint.