By Eric on 2006-09-16

I’m staying at Noriko Ashino’s place. She designs, art directs, does graphics under the name of APOD. No site to see her works, but if you like toys, then you probably own something she’s art directed. We were at yoshitomo nara cafe in Tokyo – A to Z. Full report in the future.

Koji Harmon from UCLA. He lives in Japan now, and I saw him today. We walked through Nakano Broadway, the mecca. He’s sometimes super quiet, but he actually was in form today and talked up a storm. A few paragraphs! I guess even his homies in Japan know this too, and said that today was a upbeat talkative day! We were sitting and drinking some weird softdrinks outside of Thrash Out store. His shirt is ironic, btw.

While walking down the street, you can’t help but look at stuff all over, but don’t forget the ground. There’s friends down there. This black and orange dude, wiggled it’s way across the sidewalk. Someday, this is going to be a rad looking moth.