By Eric on 2006-08-30

Lobster Rolls. Can you handle a lobster sandwich? It’s an east coast thing especially in the northern regions. A good serving of lobster in something like a hot dog bun. But this bun was like a piece of bread but thicker. Yes, it looked like a bun, but if you turned it over, you can see what sort of looked like deformed regular bread crust. A lot of places might make their lobster rolls with more mayo, so it’s more like a lobster salad sandwich, but Zak’s gives you lobster chunks. Captain Zak’s is a good place to try it out. It’s off the beaten path, and it’s basically a small shack with a walk up window.

These balls of battered food are clam cakes. Eat these and you’ll have the faint taste of clams. There’s tiny, I mean really tiny clam pieces in here. The rest is basically a doughnut. It’s pretty good, and I imagine if you’re a beer drinker, then these would be even better. I’m sure some places make this with the same vigor as takoyaki.