By Eric on 2006-08-16

I’m addicted to Sculpey. Maybe it comes from the rehab time when I wrecked by finger. I had to buy a $10 ball of clay just so I could work it over all day long. It was supposed to give me a better chance at a full recovery. It failed big time, but the messing with the clay part was the added bonus. Sculpey is a simple pink chunk of clay. It can become almost whatever you want! They can be animals or even mock food! The way it works is you basically work with your hands, get your piece how you want, then what you’re sure, you close to deal by firing it up in an oven. It’s relatively simple. Like many things, the hard part is getting going.

I wish I made all of this.

Yesterday was my birthday. Aside for the best wishes that came from many directions including the robot lounge, store employees, friends, and family, I got some gifts. I got some acrylic paint, brushes, spray stuff, paint pan, vellum, 2 boxes of Sculpey, clay tools, 2 tickets to see Mastodon, 2 bottles of Vitamin water, 3 lb bag of Haribo Gummy bears, Izod clothes, food, cake, and more best wishes.

Sculpey is pink. Get this kind. The white kind seems to get more grainy. If you don’t have a tall enough toaster, be careful, parts can burn and get brittle. Look at the dude’s ears in the photo! (sorry i found out that the dark parts are nails – but really, they can burn if they’re too close to the heat source.)

In the instant when the candles come, I automatically think about a wish. I’m sure a lot of you do this too. But is a wish something like a New Year’s resolution? I think it can be, but it depends on what you’re looking for. Are you supposed to tell people? Is it a deep secret? Will they not come true if you tell? I’ve made wishes and resolutions, and they’re interesting because, I know a lot of people forget them a week or a month later, I tend to try and stick to them.

I won’t get into telling you about what I wished for or what resolution I made, but the New Year’s one is rolling along fine, the birthday one, we’ll see.

The best part about making resolutions and wishes is that, there’s no real rules to them. If your resolution isn’t working out, or you change you mind on your wish, there’s no one saying you have to keep them going. Some things work out and some don’t, that’s why it’s called a wish, and a resolution, it’s similar. Like a pink ball of clay, you can work on something for a while and fire it up, but if you don’t like it, you can always smash it up and start over.