By Eric on 2006-08-12

Closure on softball season. So we met, ate burritos, nachos, pizza, chicken, softdrinks, and watched the game. At times, we slowed down the funny parts, close calls, and greedy moments. What went wrong, what went right, what can we do better, what’s happening next season, and so on. There’s not too much more to add, except, there’ll be more softball meetings. Some will come in the form of fishing expeditions between some members of the team, others might be at concerts, through emails, and maybe at softball practice. Each smaller faction will talk their side, if at all and then we’ll take the field.

We have no idea where the next season will take place. We don’t know who’s playing exactly, but things will be different. I might actually play. With me on the field with gimpy finger, is GR ready for a .500 season? Are we expecting to go undefeated? There’s a lot of pieces that need to fit for a great season, it’s like any other team. Some things just click and some need to be worked at.

Look at Greg laughing on the left side!