By Eric on 2006-08-05

When I’m too up, down, or sideways, the Buddha Machine takes care of everything. In the office, when we’re typing away, figuring out our next plans, or eating a burrito, the soothing sounds of the machine kicks in.

There’s nine tones and one switch that toggles through the tunes. I prefer the slower, dreamy ones over the faster. I’m actually Buddhist, and I’m not sure if this has anything to do with Buddhism, except it might put you in the mood to sit lotus style and chant mantras.

It’s the anti ipod (as seen in gr43). It has almost no control, no addable songs, no beats, no computer hookups, and makes no friends. It was the hit of the Comicon. Indie comics artists came by and bought a bunch. That’s our crew.

Currently watching: LOST Season 1 box set and making Sculpey sculptures.