By Eric on 2006-07-31

The great race.

Cousin Jason vs Nate. It started before the last softball game. Somehow, perhaps the two less speedy guys on the field decided that they weren’t the slowest on the team. It became a me vs you scenario.

Both tip the scales hefty. Jason was once a defensive lineman in football and sports 21 inch calves. They do look like watermelons down there.

Nate is a large man as well. From Carson. Although, he didn’t play football, he’s been talking a great big game. The race is on tonight. I’ll update who the winner is tonite.

The race was to be a 40 yard dash like in football, until they realized that 40 yards is pretty long for them. Imagine pros run 40 yards in 4.2-4.5 seconds. That’s fast. A slow guy, perhaps 6 seconds. So basically these guys have to run for 6 seconds, but in the end, they decided it was too far! So now it’s down to 20 yards. 3-4 seconds! We’ll see. Two slow men enter, one man leaves the slowest.