By Eric on 2006-06-10

Myspace girl goes to meet some dude in the Middle East. Ok it’s all bad she’s 16, and meeting some 25 year old and all that is bad, but at the same time, this girl is tough. Right now, I’m sure anyone who’s reading this news is like crap, what a kook, what a bad guy for luring her there, etc etc. My viewpoint after the legalities, and fucked up ness is still being impressed with this young girls strength to go halfway around the world for some stranger. Someday, this young girl if she’s not dead soon, is that she’s going to do some interesting things.

That’s the back of Bret, I don’t have a photo of his mug, but you can tell the type of guy he is. Skateboard shorts, crazy weird padding probably from skateboarding, and his t shirt.

In other news, yesterday was the first loss by the GR softball team in 11 games. The team didn’t hit, it was a sad night. The bad parts is that you can find that one thing that would have changed the result to a win. There’s a few spots here and there, but it’s a team game, and in the end, there wasn’t enough hitting to make anything happen. There was some good parts to the game, the hustle of Bret was exciting. Sometimes, one bad play like the homerun bomb that went way over his head can make him look bad. He had a bad game right? No. His good parts, like his dive to first base to be safe scored a run or two. Pure hustle. If I were running, I would have been out. He made a catch in deep right field that maybe he wouldn’t have caught in the first season, it was a way up there. He also led the game off with a hit. Bret’s new to the game, and in a few seasons is turning into player. He’s fun to watch and currently leads off the tied for first place GR team. Why am I blogging about one dude? I have no idea except maybe I was impressed and inspired.