By Eric on 2006-05-24

Poketo question: Are there rules of engagment and standards for owners and investors? Are there general contracts, percentages, etc for those involved? Are there resources for people looking for investors, consultants, etc?

Not sure about this since I do think there’s different levels. Ideally, borrow from family since interest and time may be more lenient. Don’t borrow from friends, unless 1) you intend to rip them off 2) you don’t care about them.

Resources. I’m sure there’s a borrowing money for dummies book. I’d stay away from a consultant. You need it when you’re treading into waters that you don’t know, and half the time, either will the consultant. So basically, you’re paying for crappy guesses that you should have done yourself. Half the time, consultants haven’t done a thing to prove they should consult. They are just talking game and charging money. I’d also stay away from investors unless you’re ready to take that risk of being on the hook for the rest of your company’s existence. But if you do it right, it can work for you. I’d have a good attorney work with you.