By Eric on 2006-05-13

2. Big mistakes. Be ready for this to happen.

Recently, we spelled Kilgallen wrong on the front cover. We could have left it that way, but in the end, that would have been a downer.

I’d have a hard time sleeping, knowing that we could have fixed it but didn’t. The result was spending a ton of money to take the magazine back to the shop to print it. Imagine, the cover was on the mag, the pages were printed, and it was done. The job went back to the print shop. Copies did get out, but knowing that we fixed what we could was worth the high costs. A lot of people in the industry told that no publisher would do this, the cost was too high, and it wouldn’t be worth it. But that’s where we differ. I’d like to think it means something to do the right thing, and the chance to fix a Big Mistake doesn’t come often, so we took it.

Too bad there’s no insurance for this like for cars and homes, etc. Something crappy will happen, and you’re going to need to be ready for this. It’ll take time, money, and effort to fix whatever it is that goes wrong.