By Eric on 2006-05-10

Deadline and pie. We’re on deadline right now and today we were thinking about pie month at Marie Callender’s. One month, the GR crew racked up 20 pies in one month. You return the tin, and you get a discount, so the incentive was there to get more pie out of the deal. We ate slices and slices of every kind of pie. From fruit to pseudo fruit to pecan and rhubarb.

I remember Martin saying, “this was the best pie month, ever.” What were the previous ones like? Either way, we always remember that magical pie month which was now a few years ago. Deadline and pie, sounds kind of funny, doesn’t it? Most people get their reward after they finish something. That’s what dessert’s all about. But one of the best parts about being here at GR, dessert can come first, second, and even twentieth.