By Eric on 2006-04-28

Last night might have been a game for the ages. Giant Robot softball wins it’s 7th game in a row continuing from last season. Down 11-2, the team looked defeated. The Union Missions squad just scored 9 and were looking strong. The GR team looked like one of the past blunderous teams, making errors, bad judgements, and were basically off the mark. But a few hits in a row, and the action got going. Next thing you know GR was down 11-9 after a few rallies. A few more innings, and GR took the lead 16-11. The other team made it’s comeback and cut it to 16-14, but it ended there. An incredible victory.

It’s a great way to start the season, and I know the past squads sans the end of last seasons wouldn’t have come back from something like this. Instead there would have been a second meltdown and more sad faces. Maybe one day when my finger feels better I’ll play again, but I sort of doubt it. It’s getting easier and easier to sit and watch.