By Eric on 2006-04-23

The great Saelee Oh‘s show at GRNY won’t disappoint. Photos will be up soon in the transmissions and also the gallery section. Saelee combine fine painting skill, characters, cut outs, and a light touch that make her work crafts tight and charming. I haven’t figured out which one I’m getting yet! The opening yesterday was pelted by rain! A storm came into NY and showered the town, nonetheless some nice guests, and the idea that no low shelves will be made in the gallery section. Construction in GRNY2 starts next week, and now, a small change of plans for the better.

Harvard GSD Quote of the minute (not by us). We met a cool dude named Landon who reads GR, I think religiously. When we asked, what should we do in Boston? He excitedly replied, “Come to my house!” We were thinking, “huh?” He’s fine, no worries.