By Eric on 2006-04-17

We mentioned this in the magazine, but I finally will get my own Yoshitomo Nara candy container and gummies in light blue! At first I was ok without it, and it went to Wendy, our magazine’s designer, but then the rest of the colors went to everyone else, leaving me with a brown one! The brown is ok I guess, but in the end, it’s the ugliest. So now, I have a blue one! So it comes with gummy candies with the same shape as the container. The question for this $40+ item, when do you eat the candies? Limited edition all around, I almost don’t want to eat it, but in the end, it’ll just go bad… Wait, will it? It’s all sugar.

The container looks sort of “just ok” but once it’s in your hands, it’s a nice item. The plastic is thick, and the container feels substantial. Even the box it comes in is cool. Get yours from Omotesando Hills. But you’ll have to go there. No shipping to the USA.