By Eric on 2006-04-13

Posted my Ray Fong editorial yesterday, got some lukewarm comments, some not positive, but at the same time, got positive comments from those who matter most to me, and they were from around the world. Although there were other opinions on it, similar, I didn’t feel that they addressed who Barry McGee is and what he means to art. Maybe it really doesn’t matter in your opinion, but I think and feel that it does.

I don’t get too involved with issues like this usually, so thanks for hearing my opinions out. There’ll be more upcoming on this issue, but thankfully, people are getting tired of it. I still believe the shoe is great, and I’d like another pair. The t shirt… that’s a bold one! I don’t wear huge prints on shirts, so I’d have to be feeling really bold to rock that.

(thanks ebayer for the image)