GRNY The Nearest Faraway Place – Jack Long 1/21/06 – 2/22/06

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Giant Robot New York announces The Nearest Faraway Place, a solo show by Jack Long opening on Saturday, January 21st from 6:30 – 10PM. Jack will be showcasing original paintings based on his most recent work.

Hailing from West Chester, Pennsylvania, Jack Long began his formal art training at the Rhode Island School of Design studying illustration. Moving in a different direction from the Providence art scene, recognized for its use of bright colors, silkscreens, pop-culture reference, and humor, Jack nurtured his craft in oil painting with a more subtle, serious, and darker content. He cites the Northern Renaissance painters Pieter Bruegel and Hieronymus Bosch as some of his greater influences. Jack also takes cues from the mood and intensity of films by Igmar Bergman and Frederico Fellini, compacted with the ever-developing, imaginative style of storytelling that evolved from his illustration background. As a result, Jack Long’s work unfolds a mystical, poetic, and suspenseful tale that captivates the viewer evoking the wonder of where this world stems.

“At first it was a subconscious thing that came out of nowhere. Now its become a more refined idea with purpose,” says Jack about the direction and alternate realm present in his paintings. The re-occurring figures used in his art – birds, boats, houses, trees, and wisps, are used to personify life experiences. “Each of my individual pieces work together to tell a bigger story,” a story that many can translate and identify with. Giant Robot New York is pleased to be the platform for the story of Jack Long”s The Nearest Faraway Place, showing January 21st through February 22nd, 2006.

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