GR2: Nathan Ota Figure Signing + Live Art and Raffle

GR2: Nathan Ota Figure Signing + Live Art and Raffle 3pm


2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025

Nathan Ota's Suited Birdies are created in the four suits of cards. Spades. That's what we'll be releasing at GR2. You've seen them released at Comic-Con, 3D Retro, and now at GR2. Nathan Ota's works are detailed and crafted by a master painter. These figures are no different. They're a cleanly made version of his paintings produced by 3D Retro. The package will also come with a small signed print. 

But there's more. Nathan will be painting live for an hour and this isn't a splashy painting with a wide brush. Ota will create a tight small piece that will be raffled off to anyone who purchases a Suited Birdy. It's an amazing premium. Although you won't have to be present to win, you do need to make the purchase at GR2. There will be a 2nd and 3rd prize consisting of original art work. You have a grand chance of winning and we'll see you there.