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GR2: Nathan Ota - Suited Birdies Signing, Spade Figure Release, Live Painting, and Raffle

Nathan Ota's Suited Birdies Figure Release (Spade Edition) Release Event at GR2 went from what we thought might be a casual event, turned into a small spectacle. Fans came in to watch Nathan Ota make two small paintings. Unlike many artists who can't produce a true final painting in an hour, much less two pieces, Nathan Ota let people walk up to get close to see his process.  The raffle was for four original works and the winners were ecstatic.  Link to the Suited Birdies Spade Edition Link to photos from Nathan Ota's Event at GR2. Thanks much for anyone who attended and or purchased our release of the Suited Birdies. We do have them online and can...

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GR2: Nathan Ota Figure Signing + Live Art and Raffle

GR2: Nathan Ota Figure Signing + Live Art and Raffle 3pm   2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025 Nathan Ota's Suited Birdies are created in the four suits of cards. Spades. That's what we'll be releasing at GR2. You've seen them released at Comic-Con, 3D Retro, and now at GR2. Nathan Ota's works are detailed and crafted by a master painter. These figures are no different. They're a cleanly made version of his paintings produced by 3D Retro. The package will also come with a small signed print.  But there's more. Nathan will be painting live for an hour and this isn't a splashy painting with a wide brush. Ota will create a tight small piece that will be...

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Customs with the Kizuna Kids

Kizuna is a small organization in Southern California. They run a summer camp among other things. They haven’t had an art program before, so today was the day. It’s spring break for some youngsters and custom figures sounded like the right call. With the help of JANM for the supplies and DKE (Dov) for a significant break on the figures, a fun program was born for nearly no budget which is how tight an event like this will run. I showed some slides of figures to spark some imaginations, and off the kids went. Of course at the end, the boys did battle with their figures which had jetpacks and missiles. I’ll be doing this one more time.

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