GR2: Nathan Ota - Suited Birdies Signing, Spade Figure Release, Live Painting, and Raffle

Nathan Ota's Suited Birdies Figure Release (Spade Edition) Release Event at GR2 went from what we thought might be a casual event, turned into a small spectacle. Fans came in to watch Nathan Ota make two small paintings. Unlike many artists who can't produce a true final painting in an hour, much less two pieces, Nathan Ota let people walk up to get close to see his process. 

The raffle was for four original works and the winners were ecstatic. 

Link to the Suited Birdies Spade Edition

Link to photos from Nathan Ota's Event at GR2.

Thanks much for anyone who attended and or purchased our release of the Suited Birdies. We do have them online and can get the boxes signed for you. Just ask us. 

I wish I had a better system handy to record time lapse, but thanks to a slow, "un-broadband", it's in a lower resolution, but you get the idea.