18 Essential Sawtelle Japantown Restaurants by Eater LA - and 12 More by Me

18 Spots to check out on Sawtelle. 

I agree with all of them, sans maybe one spot. Can you guess what that is?

Good job Eater LA! I have a couple more to add however.

19. Anzu would be a great one.

I still dig 20. Benitora as well. I wish I've tried everything, and the best part is, there's more to check out aside this list.

21. Hurry Curry (if you're doing Curry House then this counts too)

22. Manpuku

23. CoCo for Boba, the new crepe place

24. Millet Crepes next to GR1.

25. Honeymee even though I got a long ass hair in my soft serve once.

26. Artelice Patisserie for desserts. 

27. Seoul. Soontofu is plentiful everywhere, but I swear these guys do it good for the Westside.

28. Kogi truck on thursday. Yes this counts.

29. Tempura House. Don't sleep on this one.

30. Brian's Shave Ice, since they're underdogs in the shave ice landscape.

There's so many more that I feel bad for leaving some out. 

Check out Eater's list