GR2: Game Night - Two Fighters, One Tablet, Paparazzi, Paperbound

Game Night Feb 7 6-10pm

GR2 2062 Sawtelle Blvd LA, CA 90025 310.445.9276

Paperbound Tournament

Also Panel Discussion with the game creators at 8pm

Three games

First - The Ultimately portable arcade machine designed to be worn as a backpack. The game? 

A physical fighting game for two players. Tap your opponent's character to punch them. Shove the device to shove the characters in game. Don't get punched!


Paperbound is Smash Bros on crack. Be a gravity ninja as you battle your friends inside old storybooks. Run up walls and on ceilings, and then invert your gravity for a surprise attack. It's chaotic yet strategic. Sometimes, it's madness. Sometimes, it's a cat-and-mouse game. You'll laugh. You'll swear at your friends. You'll want to play another round. In Paperbound, you play as stick men and other characters who come to life via magic dust. Inside Journey to the Center of the Earth, you discover the ability to have your gravity adapt to any curved surface as you run along it. What better way to test this newfound ability than combat?

We'll be having a Paperbound tournament with prizes!

Third - Paparazzi
This February, Indie Game Developer Pringo Dingo Games brings the tumultuous relationship of celebrities and paparazzi to the comfort of your own home with their debut game “Paparazzi”! “Paparazzi” is a 2 player local multiplayer game of cat-and-mouse. The celebrity runs, dashes, and hides while the paparazzi tries to take constant photos of them. 
It's a simple yet competitive arcade-action game with a Where's Waldo feel. It's a test of focus and reflexes and a silly take on celebrity culture! Pringo Dingo Games is a new independent game company, formed in May 2014. Founders Mike Longley and Joel Clark met in USC’s Interactive Media & Games Division, where they collaborated for several years. “Paparazzi” was prototyped during a game jam sponsored by USC campus organizations MEGA (Makers of Entertaining Games Association) and Delta Kappa Alpha (Professional Film Fraternity), with the following quote as a theme: “Cameras aren’t guns. They can’t really hurt you.” -Matthew McConaughey