Art Podcast with Comic and Zine Author Yumi Sakugawa

In perfect timing with LA Zine Fest which is upcoming this Sunday, I'm publishing my podcast with Yumi Sakugawa. I recorded this in December, and have been waiting for the perfect time to release it. 

I first ran into Yumi Sakugawa's work at a film festival. She was part of an art exhibition in the hallway of a movie theater. Since then she's shown in plenty of Giant Robot 2 exhibitions and has become a prolific and well selling zine author. Her most well known title might be her "hit" book, "I Think I'm in Friend Love With You." She's since released another book, "Becoming One With the Universe" and continues to make more zines. 

We'll be hearing more about hardworking Yumi sometime soon. She's always ripe with news about upcoming projects and collaborations, and never fails to inspire me whenever I see her.