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Giant Robot at the LA Zine Fest 2015 Photos and Ruminations

Mari Naomi and Yumi Sakugawa. They're the best and I'm proud of what they do.  Giant Robot at the LA Zine Fest 2015 Photos and ruminations. The LA Zine Fest is an amazing annual event. It takes place two weeks after Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair and it's sort of like the "underground" to their "above-ground." It's huge in square footage. Imagine two gymnasiums and a lobby filled with zines, zine library, vendor tables, panel discussions, and outside is a parking lot with food vendors, art, and more zine makers.  For those who know, Giant Robot began as a zine in 1994 and at the time, the scene was spotty and small. Years later, as we turned into a...

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Giant Robot at LA Zine Fest Feb 15

Giant Robot at LA Zine Fest Sunday Feb 15th 11a-5p We're proud to announce that Giant Robot issue 3 will be reprinted in limited quantities for LA Zine Fest. Issue 3 was first released in 1995 in a quantity of 2000. It was the first full sized issue of Giant Robot. Now 20 years later, it's being reprinted. The original paste up pages were printed on newsprint paper with an offset printed cover. The new edition will be photocopy printed from files via scanned pages. It's 70 pages with a new introduction placed inside. 

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Art Podcast with Comic and Zine Author Yumi Sakugawa

In perfect timing with LA Zine Fest which is upcoming this Sunday, I'm publishing my podcast with Yumi Sakugawa. I recorded this in December, and have been waiting for the perfect time to release it.  I first ran into Yumi Sakugawa's work at a film festival. She was part of an art exhibition in the hallway of a movie theater. Since then she's shown in plenty of Giant Robot 2 exhibitions and has become a prolific and well selling zine author. Her most well known title might be her "hit" book, "I Think I'm in Friend Love With You." She's since released another book, "Becoming One With the Universe" and continues to make more zines.  We'll be hearing more about hardworking...

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