Giant Robot at the LA Zine Fest 2015 Photos and Ruminations

Mari Naomi and Yumi Sakugawa. They're the best and I'm proud of what they do. 

Giant Robot at the LA Zine Fest 2015 Photos and ruminations. The LA Zine Fest is an amazing annual event. It takes place two weeks after Printed Matter's LA Art Book Fair and it's sort of like the "underground" to their "above-ground." It's huge in square footage. Imagine two gymnasiums and a lobby filled with zines, zine library, vendor tables, panel discussions, and outside is a parking lot with food vendors, art, and more zine makers. 

For those who know, Giant Robot began as a zine in 1994 and at the time, the scene was spotty and small. Years later, as we turned into a full magazine, the zine scene died. I saw it fail everywhere. We couldn't sell a single zine in our shops. Now, interest in self published zines have risen. People aren't afraid to pick them up. Perhaps it's the lack of glossy magazines in everyone's lives leading us all to want to touch a print publication. Ironically zines might be what's saving print. 

On sunday, thousands came through. The room was packed for a few hours and the word "overwhelming" was passed around a lot. People had handfuls of zines and made their way through the crowd.

As a vendor, setting up and breaking down is a quick. Seeing new faces and familiar faces make the day great. This year, I opted for a half table (3 ft!) and the other half is the table (Pitzer College Zine Collective) for the students of the zine class (ASAM 105 PZ -Zines, Creativity, Community) I co-teach at Pitzer College with professor Todd Honma. Yes, a high-end private school with a zine class. I bring some practical experience and I hope that helps.

The LA Zine Fest is amazing and fun. First, zines aren't about big business, it's a community event and participation is what it's all about. People's interest in what you make is your payment and vice versa, your interest in other people's work is your payment as well. It's all enriching and great for the arts. The mix of zines are amazing and the scene is strong in the hands of the organizers. I'll be there next year. 

(More photos at the Giant Robot Mag Flickr Set

The view down the aisle from the GR table. This is just an eights of one of the two rooms!

The Giant Robot table featuring Giant Robot 3 and more from our friends.


The reprint of Giant Robot 3.

This fella purchased a Cometbus and my zine, "From the Pit." An insane honor. 

The view of the second room! 

Jaime Hernandez. Legend. Where's his Indie Creator Walk of Fame Star?

Larry of Genetic Disorder. A zine legend. 


That's Jen Tong in the middle. She'll be part of the next exhibition at GR2 - Wavelengths.