Game Night July 25th Sat 6:30-10pm Failsafe and Block'Hood

Game Night at GR2

July 25th Saturday 6:30-10pm

Two games, Game Night, and Obon Festival (at the Buddhist Temple just 1 block away). Parking should be plentiful at the law office parking lot, corner of Corinth and Mississippi Avenue. We will see you there. 


Failsafe is a first-person adventure game where you explore complex environments and overcome challenges with the athleticism and movement of your character. Connect jumps, wall slides, rope swings, and more to reach places beyond your expectations.




Block’hood is a neighborhood-building simulator that celebrates the diversity and experimentation of cities. You will have full access to 80+ building blocks to combine and create unique neighborhoods, and discover the hidden inhabitants of each combination.

The game will embark in a story of ecology, understanding how resources are needed to unlock new configurations and allow prosperous neighborhoods. You will need to avoid the decay of your city block by making sure each unit doesn’t run out of “Resources”.

Create farms, collect energy, build schools and process waste to keep your neighborhood healthy! Or build industry, harvest oil, and research technology to earn money!

The game is fully open for your decisions and your style of play.