GR Mini Obon 2015 - Edwin Ushiro, Naoshi Sunae, Game Night

The Obon Festival at the WLA Buddhist Temple happens once a year and this year, he wanted to expand it just a tiny bit. While tons visit the temple and have a great time, they also flock to Sawtelle Blvd. What do they do once they get there? Eat more? Drink? There's always karaoke, but beyond that, it's fun to people watch. We decided to provide a few low cost and free activities including making sand-art, buttons and Shrinky Dinks and playing indie video games. 

Here's the Flickr Set

First, we had Naoshi Sunae who showed off her works and let people create sand art on the spot. She uses different colors of sand that you can move around her pre-made sheets that fill in the colors. Her designs are cute.

At GR2, we had Artist Edwin Ushiro help kids make buttons and Shrinky Dinks out of his designs. If his exhibition, The Study of Life as Things isn't enough, you can also participate with him in creating a hybrid of both of your works. Want to make a button or a Shrinky Dink? The materials are still around at GR2 today as well.

Finally Game Night took place outside of GR2. Two games and it's developers hung out with folks who were down to play. Failsafe and Block'Hood were set up and people were going at it!