Giant Robot Time 8.21.15 - In Box - Biennale 4 and more

Giant Robot Time this week Here's the Gr Time 8.21.15 link

Weekly Top Five 


  1. GRSF. First I want to welcome everyone from the old Giant Robot SF list. Welcome and thanks for the support! 
  2. Samurai! Curated by yours truly at the Worcester Art Museum closes Sept 6th. See it before it's gone. It's a concept that'll surely be reworked again and again - Antiquities and fine art together. Here's the link. 
  3. GR Biennale 4 Since last week and the announcement of the Giant Robot Biennale 4 (begins Oct 10, 2015) at the Japanese American National Museum, a little more has come out. The JANM site has a press release with more info including artists! Here's the link!
  4. JANM's Akira Boch is putting together a short film about Giant Robot and our relationship to many artists. Shooting will be happening in the next couple of weeks.
  5. I'm always thankful to be able to work at GR2 (W, Th, F, and Su) - I meet artists and aspiring artists, but I also meet some great folks who are enlivening. While the neighborhood rapidly changes (Sawtelle Japantown), I hope many of the people stay the same. Thanks for reading GR Time this week. I'll promise to add more and more each week.