JANM x GR Biennale 4 - The Thanks

The Thanks. There are so many people to thank when an exhibition of this magnitude takes place. This might be the last thing you want to hear, since we blissfully enjoyed the rooms filled with energetic work. I'll keep it short. JANM and its many moving parts - starting at the top (pictured) Dr. Greg W Kimura - he compared me to #44 Reggie Jackson. I didn't get to return a thanks back with any wit. I think I only said "thanks" many times, a paltry return in comparison. I wonder how many picked up on "Mr. October," the baseball playoffs happening, and the fact that I really liked the Reggie candy bar? Yet Greg and I are currently Dodger fans.

Two VPs - Koji and Clement who get the job done. But the hard part is there are 40 staffers or so and volunteers and they deserve thanks as well. It's awesome how one tiny "fix" that does something seemingly small can affect a lot. Sometimes it's getting someone what they needed at the right time, which then trickles up to so many things. Each helps a lot. 

The artists of course.

Then there are the ones who make me nervous. The folks who came to show support. It's hard to tell if you'll be 100 or 1000! The turn out felt powerful! Mind blown. Thanks much for being part.